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Come see the difference! You certainly will hear the difference...

Welcome to Achord Music Studios!

The Achord studios offer expert teaching in a comfortable environment. Here you will find friendly qualified instructors ready to help you with your musical education.

Come see the difference! You certainly will hear the difference...

“Music is exciting. It is thrilling to be sitting in a group of musicians playing (more or less) the same piece
of music. You are part of a great, powerful, vibrant entity. And nothing beats the feeling you get when you've practiced a difficult section over and over and finally get it right. (yes, even on the wood block.) Music is important. It says things your heart can't say any other way, and in a language everyone speaks. Music crosses borders, turns smiles into frowns, and vice versa. These observations are shared with a hope: that, when schools cut back on music classes, they really think about what they're doing - and don't take music for granted.” -Dan Rather, CBS News Music Advocacy’s Top Ten Quotes
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